If You Want to Practice Your Presentation Skills, Toastmasters Could Be the Answer

For anyone interested in having the opportunity to speak every week in some capacity, the answer might be Toastmasters, an international club dedicated to the practice and enhancement of one’s public speaking techniques. While most clubs gather weekly, a few are scheduled for twice a month. Located throughout the world, the clubs offer various hours and days: some meet early in the morning, some over lunch breaks, and many others in the evening hours.

The value of Toastmasters is undeniable. Supportive of all, their members seek to improve their presentation skills and become proficient in the informative, persuasive, and impromptu speech as well as becoming more accurate in the timing of their delivery.

There is much comradery throughout the various clubs as well as competitions scheduled from the local level all the way up to the world championship.

You can find clubs in your area simply by checking on the internet; and, more good news is that the fee to belong is minimal. You are likely to find good contacts as part of your membership which could move you towards a career in public speaking if that is your goal.

While you may feel that you are too nervous to be required to speak every week, this is exactly why joining a group like Toastmasters could be to your benefit. One of the primary motivators for belonging to this type of organization is to learn how to control your nervousness. Every member you will meet has been in the same situation as you and they will be most supportive in working with you. Their constructive criticism is fair and not meant to disparage but instead to help you hone your skills.

While informative and persuasive speeches are the common order of business, Toastmasters also offers the ability to practice the impromptu. Speaking extemporaneously on a topic you have not previously prepared is an excellent means of learning how to think on the spot. As frightening as it may sound, the impromptu is not as difficult as you may believe. And, from my experience with my clients and students, I have found that they not only learned a lot from the opportunity of speaking without prior preparation but that they enjoyed it as well.

Whatever your level of ability in public speaking, you might consider joining a local Toastmasters. The experience could be invaluable to you